Cruisin' for a Word that Rhymes With Cruisin'

Controls: left/right arrow keys, 1 = start, 5 = insert coin

A word-based driving game for the original Out Run arcade hardware, developed for Wizard Jam 5 using the Out Run SDK.

This game runs in-browser with Emularity and a JavaScript version of the MAME "outrun" driver, but runs better (particularly for sounds) in a locally installed copy of MAME.

If pressing "1" doesn't work for you to start the game in your browser, you may need to reload the page or run the ROM locally. This seems to be a bug with having Emularity in an iframe.

Install instructions

This game is designed and programmed to run in MAME 0.153 or higher. See the MAME installation instructions for your platform.

Unzip into your MAME install's ROM path for the "outrun" driver, e.g. "roms/outrun/", and run with "mame outrun".

Alternately, you can flash the EPROMs of a real Out Run board and run it on actual arcade hardware!


Download 770 kB


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Simple and fun! Nice job!

I only got to 1600 pts, so maybe these are already in there but some more words if you want:
  • snoozin'
  • losin'
  • recusin'
  • accusin'

And some off-words:

  • poison
  • cussin'
  • hoistin' ;)
  • cousin

Hoistin' is definitely in there! :)

Haha awesome! Yeah on my next play I ended seeing just about all my suggestions, too.